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Carla Olson - 1989 - Carla Olson [LP]
Etikett: Amigo (AMLP 2019)
Stilar: Rock (eng)

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Inspelad och mixad i Roasting House Recording Studio, Malmö. Skivan finns även utgiven på CD med en bonuslåt.

Carla Olson + Wilmer X = Sant
Eftersom jag själv blev mycket förvånad att hela wilmer X medverkar på denna så tog jag kontakt med henne och hon förklarar mycket utförligt wilmer x’s medverkan, hennes rötter, och varför den gjordes i Sverige. Här är HELA storyn :

”I am happy to say that my father was born to Swedish parents and lived closed to Halmstad for seven years as a small child. His mother's family still live in Lund an I have cousins my age. I was born in Austin, Texas but moved to L. A. in 1978 to start a band with my friend Kathy Valentine (she later joined the Go-Gos). We had a band called The Textones and recorded one EP for Big Beat Records in England, and a single in the U.S. on IRS Records.

But what brought me to Sweden the first time was a chance meeting with Olle Berggren and myself here in Los Angeles in 1986. After Kathy left the Textones to play bass for the Go-Gos I asked a friend from San Antonio to take her place and we recorded an album called Midnight Mission in 1984 on Goldmountain/A&M Records. We toured in England, Holland, and Norway then the U.S. but there were not many sales for that one. We put out another album on EMI called Cedar Creek in the U.S in 1987 but that one did not take off either.

In between these two records, I was fortunate enough to record a duet album with Gene Clark from the Byrds which came out on Rhino Records in 1986. It was that record that brought me to meet Olle in the Rhino Records store. That day he interviewed me for the Swedish newspaper that he wrote for and we kept in touch with each other. One day he called and said that a label in Malmo would like to release the Midnight Mission album and wanted to bring us over for a tour of Sweden. We were thrilled and in November of 1986 we did a three week tour, appeared on Swedish TV and met the Wilmer X guys through the label Volume Records Tomas Olander and Carol Gutenberg.

In 1988, Tomas had an idea for me to come over to Malmo and record an album with Wilmer X members as my band. We rehearsed and recorded the album at a studio called The Roasting House and released it on Amigo Records. I had such a great time with those guys, and three weeks in Malmo ain't too rough either! I loved Sweden so much that I came back in 1994 with Percy Sledge (my manager Saul Davis produced his album Blue Night on Virgin Records which featured Mikael Rickfors) and performed on Sondag Soppet and Don't Forget Your Toothbrush with Mikael who sang a duet with me on my latest record Reap The Whirlwind also on Virgin Sweden.

In 1995 we also toured Sweden and Norway for three weeks, again which was so much fun. We got to play with Wilmer X in Malmo at the KB where we all jammed on Chuck Berry songs together.

My latest Swedish connection is with Paul Jones for whom I produced his first solo album in thirty years. This also features Mikael Rickfors and a Creeps song called I'm Gone. Paul is coming to Sweden this September and Mikael might play with him and The Blues Band.

Anyway, that's about all I have to give you in the way of Swedish History for Carla Olson. Oh one more thing, in 1994 I was in HMV in Stockholm and found my records in Swedish Folk Dancing section...funny huh?

If you check my website you can see many pictures from Sweden, and others too.

Tack sa mycket!
Vi ses, hej da!" 

Viktiga musiker:
Carla Olsson
Gitarr, percussion, sång, producent

George Callins
Gitarr, mandolin, dobro, sång, producent

Thomas Holst

Stefan Björk

Per-Åke Sticky Bomb Holmberg

Jalle Lorensson

 1. It's Too Late
 2. Slow Rollin' Train
 3. Never Wanted To Try
 4. Remember That Moon
 5. Trying To Hold On
 6. Secret Graves
 7. From A Dollar To A Dime
 8. You Can't Move In
 9. Heroes Of My Hometown
10. Rubies & Diamonds
11. The Grand Blvd.

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